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Morgan Taylor Elite Series: Slate-Cob-Owl-Crow Set

$155.00, Slate Call & matching Corn Cob Striker, along with a matching Owl Hooter & Crow Call - while supplies last!!
(shipping charges apply)

Bud & Betty's New:

Morgan Taylor Elite Cedar-Slate Series

Pennsylvania Slate in a Cedar Pot
matching Cedar Corn Cob Striker
a matching Cedar Owl Hooter & Cedar Crow Call

Calls Designed & Hand-built by Russell Lynch,
Builder of National Champion Hunting Calls

*while supplies last

(NOTE: You will receive a beautiful Set like the one pictured above,
but the actual set you receive may not be the actual one pictured above.)

If you know our story, then you know our company was named after our first two children and has proven to be a legacy to them. Weve been waiting for the right products to come along which could bare the name of our third (and final) child, Morgan Taylor. This Elite Set is unique and certainly meets that standard. We are proud of them and we are sure that they are destined to become one of the most highly sought-after sets in the hunting industry.

The Slate Call was my original call when I first started offering calls for sale and is my personal hunting favorite. With these special Elite Sets, the wood pot is still hand-turned, but from Cedar instead of Walnut. The entire set is finished with a gunstock-type oil finish that is a 5-step process. The striking surface is cut by a friend of mine in Pennsylvania. It still has my unique, easy-to-hold pot design which will fit in your fingers like an extension of your hand, but also includes some special accent rings that are burned into the pot to match the striker. This is a great call and even though it is beautiful to see, make no mistake: it makes great REAL turkey notes! It is a good, raspy call and the Cedar has proven to be a real acoustically exceptional wood-type for the Slate surface. This is truely a superior call that will "make it happen" in the turkey woods!!

The Morgan Taylor Elite Cedar-Slate Set also includes a stunning, user-friendly, FULLY-FUNCTIONAL Corn Cob Striker! Their good looks come from the unique combination of two naturally beautiful materials: the highest quality of wood selections matched with the hidden beauty of corn cobs. These two materials combine to make the most spectacular blend of true natural materials. Professionally designed and finished, they are a true work of artistic craftsmanship.We know these strikers are pricey, but keep in mind, this is a lengthy process with numerous steps needed to professionally laminate the materials together. They are then hand-turned on a lathe, finely and carefully sanded and receive two coats of the same high-quality finish that all of our calls and accessories receive. Once the process is complete, each striker is visually inspected and hand tested on our actual award-winning calls to make sure that its sound quality is second to none. Do not let their good looks fool you, as these strikers are carefully crafted from inception to completion to consistently produce some of the finest turkey sounds that have ever come off the surface of any call.

This set also includes one of my highly-coveted Owl Hooters. It is one of the highest quality, most sot-after Owl Hooters on the market anywhere! Each of my Owl Hooters is one-of-a-kind, as they are turned on my wood lathe by me personally. These will have our well-known silver "turkey band" encircling it for added beauty and just a touch of fun, along with the same accent rings as the other calls in the set. This is a fixed reed call, meaning that the reed is set by me and once the call is put together, no other adjustment can be made or is necessary.

Finally, the set includes one of my brand new Crow Calls, also hand-turned and decorated with the same attention to detail as the Owl Hooter, with a matching silver band and accent rings.

Each set will be signed & dated by Russell Lynch winner of over 24 NWTF Awards in the Hunting Calls Divisions, including 5 Grand National Championships. Once passed on to a customer, you can be assured that you now own a beautiful, heirloom-quality set of hunting equipment that is sure to put tags on turkeys and with proper care can be passed down for generations.

You can check Russell's bio out on page 146 in Earl Mickel's Turkey Callmakers Past and Present: The Rest of the Best.

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