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Owl Hooter Locator Call

$39.95, Available! Get yours while supplies last!!
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Bud & Betty's
Owl Hooter Locator Call

As with all my calls, my Owl Hooter has been put through my rigid field testing. When I started designing them, I wanted to make something nice and high in quality. But I wanted the call to produce the sound of a plain ol owl, one that you hear almost every trip to the woods. And I have done that with this Owl Hooter. The quality and function of this exceeds that of all the owl calls Ive seen on the market anywhere.

Each of my Owl Hooters is a one-of-a-kind, as they are turned on my wood lathe by me personally.

Every one has a silver "turkey band" encircling it for added beauty and just a touch of fun. After trying many types of reeds, I have settled on one which I feel is the best on the market. This is a fixed reed call, meaning that the reed is set by me and once the call is put together, no other adjustment can be made or is necessary.

The call carries very well in the woods and will do the basic "hooting." It will also do what I call the "laugh" of the owl with a little practice.

As with any fine call, take care of it. This call's worst enemy is a tobacco chewer who won't spit before he "hoots."

We expect this Call to be with you in the woods hunting, not in your closet!
What''s in your vest?!